Our Production

55% Hemp 

45% Cotton

Our textiles are made from completely natural and organic fibres. 


Hemp is not a very soft fibre (hint, hemp is the cousin of linen). We, therefore use a hemp and cotton blend to provide you with soft, yet responsible and durable, sweatshirts. 


We have chosen to use a 100% natural textile blend to eliminate microplastics from our products.

Let's talk textiles

Textile forms the base of any garment and is generally one of the biggest carbon contributors to a piece of clothes.

We use hemp-based textile as hemp is less resource-intensive to grow than other crops. 


We got our first textile batch from a UK based hemp supplier that sources their textile in a GOTS certified textile plant in China.

Already in round two, we moved to an Italian supplier who sources their hemp in Italy and cotton in Turkey.



We do all our prototyping on CLO 3D software to minimize our wastage. 


This goes for both the designs and the embroidery. Our theory is, the more work we can do electronically, the lower our waste rates will be.


Once the prototype has been perfected, one 'real-life' prototype is created for each design.

Our labels are made from cotton and use OEKO-tex certified dyes.

Find proof here.

Friendships don't fade. Neither should your clothes.

Durability at our core


Throw-away culture and overconsumption are both toxic parts of the fashion industry. From textile choices to production methods, durability is a focal point in all our designs. 

Instead of printing, we embroider everything onto our sweatshirts to prevent them from fading away when you wear and wash them.All the embroidery are created using 100% cotton yarn.

Producing responsibly

Safe working conditions

Living wages

Small local vendors

No middlemen

 Having a responsible supply chain is important. 


Our clothes are stitched together in a small atelier in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Dilayla, co-founder and designer, who is from Istanbul, is present throughout the whole production. She is there to make sure everything runs smoothly, and that everyone is treated fairly.

From our label shop to embroilment place, every supplier we work with is an ethical/responsible workplace.

Our shipments are done by lorry to minimize our footprint.

Our founders


IMperfectionists was founded by Dilayla and Olina.

Dilayla is born and raised in Turkey while Olina is from Denmark. The two of them met while studying at university in England and quickly came to bond over their shared passion for fashion and the climate. 

Dilayla and Olina dream of rethinking conventional fashion by producing ‘slow’ responsibly made natural clothes that can be worn by everyone. 

Ps. See what UN goals we're focusing on and how we implement Fashion Revolution's ethos in our Manifesto.

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